130907 65 Maunsell under running repair 130907 376 Norwegian being prepared for service 130907 1638's dome painted black 130907 1638's reverser under repair 130907 Ben showing one he drilled earlier 130907 Calum & Ben machining a central hole through a cylindrical shape 130907 James A greasing the base of the smokebox where the blaspipe sits 130907 James D progressing the paint on 25 Northiam's frames 130907 Lawrence preparing to weld the horn guides 130907 Lawrence welding 25's horn guides 130907 New brick arch installed in 65 Maunsell 130907 One cylinder drilled, three more to go 130907 P Class's boiler being painted by the Interfleet team 130907 Welding in progress on 25 Northiam rel lightbox gallery by VisualLightBox.com v5.4m