131102 23 HFS maintenance ongoing 131102 65 Maunsell prepares to depart 131102 65 runs past the coal pile 131102 1638 changing its political views to favour nationalisation 131102 1638 under repair and being repainted 131102 1638, clear view of boiler works ongoing 131102 Ben becoming holey 131102 Ben instructing Stef about oxy propane cutting 131102 Ben supervising Stef angle grinding a weld test piece 131102 Calum & James having a nice chat on top of 23 HFS 131102 Calum chopping up some melon (or so we said) 131102 Calum reinstalling 23's safety valves 131102 DS238 overhaul progress (back) 131102 DS238 overhaul progress (front) 131102 James (artistic) & James (historical) reinstalling 23's dome cover 131102 Katie & Colin working on trial fitting of 25's axlebox 131102 Lawrence adjusting 23 HFS's springs 131102 Lawrence applying some persuasion to the axlebox, Katie willing it to work! 131102 One of 25 Northiam's axleboxes 131102 Ruston diesel shunter 131102 Saturday Gang test fitting one of 25's axleboxes 131102 Stef knocking the axlebox down into position to check clearance. Katie watches on. 131102 Stef operating the A frame hoist, to lift the axlebox into position 131102 The Embleton family working together on 25's axlebox 131102 Work on 23's safety valves rel lightbox gallery by VisualLightBox.com v5.4m