07-DSC09282 09-DSC09284 10-DSC09285 11-DSC09286 12-DSC09287 13-DSC09288 14-DSC09289 15-DSC09290 19-DSC09294 20-DSC09295 21-DSC09296 22-DSC09297 140115 Kalmar helps move 25's components 140208 23 HFS in the yard 140208 25 Northiam's frames lowered onto wheels 140208 65 under maintenance 140208 376 Norwegian & the Ruston 140208 1638 still looking clean in her BR black 140208 5668 bunker and cab 140208 5668 firebox showing rusting 140208 Ben having fun with the gas cutter 140208 Ben tidying up the edge of his gas cut 140208 Ben working on 25's flange lubricators 140208 Bit of the cab missing! 140208 Charwelton under repair 140208 Con rod in position, ready for fitting to 25 140208 DS238 Wainwright and 65 Maunsell in the shed 140208 James D & James A preparing 25's guard iron components 140208 James D fitting rear LH side guard iron 140208 Mechanical hacksaw doing the hard work! 140208 Moff carrying out welding with DS238 as a splendid backdrop 140208 Nathan getting stuck into DS238's steam pipe 140208 New arrival 5668 in the yard 140208 P Class awaiting further work 140208 Preparing 25 for fitting of con rods 140208 Sam using rotary wire brush on DS238 steam pipe 140208 Where has my body gone! rel lightbox gallery by VisualLightBox.com v5.4m