130817 25 Northiam's pistons now installed and connected to crosshead 130817 25 Northiam's reverser mechanism connected to the crosshead 130817 25's crosshead installed 130817 25's wheels ready to be put back into the frames 130817 376 Norwegian rests by the water column 130817 376 Norwegian sails past the home signal 130817 1638 prepared for boiler inspection 130817 32678 Knowle with new late transfers 130817 James D down inside 23's motion 130817 James D scraping away dirt to inspect 23's springs 130817 Latest progress on 25's frames 130817 Lawrence working on 23's spring hangers 130817 Locos in Rolvenden yard 130817 Repairs taking place on 6619's firebox 130831 25 Northiam under overhaul 130831 Ben enjoying the complaining of James A & James D 130831 Ben slackening 65's washout plugs (they're in interesting locations!) 130831 Calum loosening 65's washout plugs in the smokebox 130831 David & Calum slackening a very stiff washout plug 130831 DS238 Wainwright overhaul 130831 James A top coating 25's bufferbeam 130831 Moff refitting Charwelton's firebox guard 130831 Moff retreiving the firebox guard which was in the firebox 130831 Ongoing running maintenance on 65 Maunsell 130831 Push, push, push until tea time 130831 What do you mean I missed a bit! James A, James D & Ben working to remove the most awkward washout plug! rel lightbox gallery by VisualLightBox.com v5.4m