376 Norwegian


The only tender engine currently in residence on the K&ESR

Brief History

Built in 1919 for Norwegian State Railways, a member of 8 locos classified 21C.

376 was built for the Merakerbanen railway in central Norway. Near to this railway is a place called Hell! 376 worked predominantly around this area rarely going anywhere else. 376 ended its career in Grong on snow plough duties.

376 was finally withdrawn in 1971 being one out of the last four steam locomotives to be in regular use of the NSB.

Journey to preservation and steam

376 was purchased in 1971 and ran under its own steam to Oslo. It was then shipped to England and then transported by road to Rolvenden.

376 worked between 1974-76 but was then withdrawn for a ten year overhaul.

With the railway already struggling to pay current bills work did not begin. The solution came when the Norwegian Locomotive trust formed in 1984 and they committed to keeping it on the K&ESR and returning it to steam. After an extensive and expensive overhaul 376 re-entered traffic in 1995. It was then that it officially gained the name ‘Norwegian’. 376 worked for 11 years after the boiler inspector granted an extension on the usual 10 years. 376 was withdrawn in 2006 for a ten year overhaul.

Technical Specifications and other info

Technical Specifications 
Owned by Norwegian Trust
K&ESR Class 3
Weight Loco:38 tons. Tender: 22 tons.
Tractive effort 18,560lbs
Cylinders (two outside) -17diameter x 24 inch stroke
Boiler Pressure 170lbs (superheated)
Driving wheel diameter 4.0 feet 6 inches
Last Major Overhaul 1995
Last Operational 2006
Boiler Ticket Expiry Under overhaul

Since being withdrawn 376 has jumped the overhaul queue. The boiler has been lifted from the frames and plenty of work has been done. The boiler and tender is in Rolvenden workshop.


Norwegian's Boiler in Rolvenden workshops May 2009


Here is a brief list of tasks left to do

  • Boiler
  • • Staying to finish – one side and throat plate
  • • Flues to refit
  • • Crown sheet patching to finish
  • • Bosses to re-stud
  • Frames/Motion
  • • Piston/Valve exam underway – new rings required. Bores to inspect for condition
  • • Glands to repair/Renew
  • • Axleboxes/Wheels to re-fit
  • • Drag Box repairs – new buffing plates required